Saturday, April 16, 2011

heads up!

We are putting together our first Slayer-Con, yes Con. Does that sound bigger then what we are? I think so, but ya know , you gotta start somewhere.

Being that we are not a Joe/StarWars/SuperHero board, we are a all in one customizing board with a store, we wanted our own Deal.

This Con will be in Maryland, It will also be in Late August, last weekend of the month. It will be a 3 day event. Friday-Sunday.

Each Day will be all about customizing, from 10am till 5 pm, we will have a chance to learn new skills, knock the rust off of others, and just kick back and do what we all LOVE to do, customize baby!!!

More details are coming but the time frame and state location are firm.

As of right now the following people are coming:

Bad Social/Iwbeta

More will be added as I talk with Folks, or you can just drop a line in this thread, and let us know if your interested or not.

There will be No cost to come, will be open doors, However we will have some product that will be exclusive to our cons, meaning they will only show up at our Cons, they will never go in the store or be offered anywhere else.

Exclusives will range from Cam kits to parts. There will even be painted kits, so all the work is done for you folks who like customs, but just dont make them.

We are also looking for dealers to set up and sell fodder, cast parts, customs, and anything else that would have an impact on our customs or collecting.

This will become a yearly event.

check back to our thread on the slayer forums! 

click the picture  to go to the site!

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