Saturday, May 7, 2011


Ok for the next 48 hours starting now top 4 wall posters will win 1 custom zombie storm trooper! contest ends in 2 days!!! gives plenty of chances for anyone starting now! creativity and humor is what im after must be toy related anything goes! (bonus points for people who use my figures in the picture)

Ratfink Customs | Facebook

i have currently 4 death troopers as prizes and i may even toss in a night viper!!

click the link to go to the page and post images!

this contest is free! all you have to do is post a image to enter to win! any questions don't hesitate to ax!


  1. I entered just now via facebook. Great customs btw you do really talented work, I stopped by your booth at planetcomicon but I think I talked to someone else who was keeping an eye on it.

  2. thank you very much cat if it was a woman that was my wife if it was a large oafy looking guy that was just a buddy of mine i kept having to get up because i got a touch of the add =) thank you for the kind words and taking interest in my work